October 1 – National Fire Pup Day

Happy Fire Pup Day!

October is Fire Awareness Month. With burning leaves and lit pumpkins, it’s time to think about fire safety. Brave, funny, and friendly fire dogs help children talk about fires in a safe environment. Pick up a few picture books to help the children you love. Here are a few suggestions.


Sadie: The Dog Who Finds the Evidence written by Thea Feldman and illustrated by Chris Danger (2014)

Sadie, is the real life service dog who works as an Arson Dog in Colorado. She goes into burned buildings after the fire is put out to find the evidence of how the fire started. Her sense of smell one hundred times stronger than a humans. That means she can find even the smallest amount of fuel that was used to start a fire. When she finds the source of the fire, she sits down and points to it with her nose. Sometimes, Sadie goes to schools to teach children about fire safety. Sadie has done such a good job as an Arson Dog that she was the model for a monument in Washington DC. Sadie is a hero and has won a Hero Dog Award from the American  Humane Association.


Marley Firehouse Dog written by Caitlin Birch and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey and Lydia Halvrson [Based on the books by John Grogan] (2012)

When Marley’s family takes a tour of the firehouse, Marley decides that he wants to go too. Marley chews through his leash and goes into the firehouse alone. He sees where the firefighters cook, sleep, study, and work. Then the fire chief notices that something is wrong… every room is a mess. Finally the find Marley in the garage. Marley and his family help clean up the mess and Marley is named honorary Fire Dog for the day.


Dot the Fire Dog written and illustrated by Lisa Desimini (2001)

Dot lives in the firehouse. She plays with the firefighters when she’s not working. When the fire bell rings, Dot is on the job. She rides the truck and goes into burning buildings with the firefighters. She wakes people and rescues kittens. When they return to the firehouse, Dot rests and waits for the next call.

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