October 11 – International Day of the Girl

Happy Day of the Girl!

Ladybug Girl, Pinkalicious, and Fancy Nancy are three very popular picture book series with female main characters. You can find them in any bookstore, library, or little girl’s bookshelf. These characters are sassy, imaginative, and independent.

Here are some other noteworthy picture books about girls published within the last five years. Choose one or more to share with your little girls today.


Girl of Mine written by Jabari Asim and illustrated by LeUyen Pham (2010)

Daddy plays with his little girl before bedtime. He calls her Little Princess Honeydew, Precious Pearl, and Sugarplum Sweetie Pie. He admires her dazzling bright eyes and sings her a song. And when his song is done, she is sound asleep in his arms. She lays his darling girl in bed with her teddy bear.


Every Girl is a Princess written and illustrated by Mylo Freeman (2011)

Every girl in this book is a princess. Each one comes from a different nation. Each one has a favorite animal. Each one has something special on her crown. Lift the flaps on each page to see each princess’ crown. On the last page look to see whose crown this is… there’s a mirror to help you see yourself!


The Girl Who Wouldn’t Brush Her Hair written by Kate Bernheimer and illustrated by Jake Parker (2013)

Once there was a little girl with very long and tangled hair. She refused to let anyone brush it. One day a little mouse moved into a hair tangle. “It’s just my way,” she would tell the grown-ups who saw the mouse in her hair. Pretty soon more and more mice moved into her hair. Before long the mice were demanding no more baths. So naturally, the little girl began to smell very very bad. No one wanted to be around her. And one day she was sent home from school because she had so many mice living in her hair. That very night, the little girl had a heart-to-heart talk with the mice. They agreed to pack their things and move away. As soon as they left, she took a nice long bath and brushed out her long brown hair. The next day everyone marveled at her gorgeous braided hair and the ingenious way she had tied a ribbon to the top of her bald doll’s head. “That’s just my way,” she smiled.


Birdie’s Big-Girl Hair written and illustrated by Sujean Rim (2014)

Birdie’s hair is getting so long and tangled it’s time to go to the salon for her first haircut. Birdie looks though fashion magazines to find a sophisticated, grown-up style, but none of them suit her. Then she finds Mommy’s high school yearbook and sees exactly what she wants. She goes to the salon and gets a haircut just like Mommy’s. Everyone at the playground tells her how great it looks. Birdie is so happy with her new style that she runs faster, plays harder, and …. her hairstyle loses its bounce. Birdie cries because her hair doesn’t look like Mommy’s anymore. But Mommy hugs her and tells her it looks even better… it looks like her!


The Smallest Girl in the Smalles Grade written by Justin Roberts and illustrated by Christian Robinson (2014)

This story is simple and inspiring. Sally McCabe is the smallest girl in the smallest grade, but she notices everything! What she notices a lot, is how much bullying is going on right in her own school. So one day she stands up and addresses the problem in the middle of the cafeteria. As soon as it is acknowledged, other students, teachers, and even the principal join her in her stand against bullying. You can read my whole review HERE.

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