October 15 – National Fossil Day

Happy Fossil Day!


Fossil written and illustrated by Bill Thomson (2013)

This is a wordless picture book with a one paragraph introduction defining the word ‘fossil’ for young readers. The pictures tell a story about a boy who goes for a walk with his dog. Along the way, he finds a rock and trips breaking the rock in half. Inside the rock, the boys sees a plant fossil. His dog finds another rock. When the boy breaks that rock he sees a dragonfly fossil. He continues to break rocks and soon finds the fossil of a claw. Suddenly a giant pterodactyl swoops down and snatches his dog. Chasing after them, the boy accidentally breaks his plant fossil and the plant he saw disappears, when he breaks the dragonfly fossil the dragonfly he saw disappears. He knows what he must do and he runs back to the claw fossil and smashes it, releasing his dog from the pterodactyl.


Kids love dinosaurs and publishers love dinosaur books! There are so many good books that are quickly becoming fossils because of the newer material being published. Here are some of the ones I liked, both fiction and non-fiction, published in just the last few years.


My Little Book of Dinosaurs written by Dougal Dixon (2014)

This 64-page picture book just came out this month and is spectacular! Dinosaur buffs will be enthralled with the artwork and the facts on each page. Dougal Dixon begins by defining ‘dinosaurs’ as ‘a group of reptiles that lived hundreds of millions of years ago, during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods’. He then relates factual information about different types of dinosaurs, categorized by Meat-Eaters, Long-Necked Plant-Eaters, Two-Footed Plant-Eaters, Armored and Horned Dinosaurs, and Flying and Swimming Dinosaurs.


Deadly Dinosaurs written by Niki Foreman (2014)

This is a non-fiction/fiction for young readers. It is a 32-page book with introductory information about dinosaurs told by talking dinosaurs! Readers take a tour of the Dinosaur Museum at night. A little T-Rex named Rexy teaches little readers the basics about dinosaurs.


How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad? written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague (2013)

Jane Yolen and Mark Teague team up again to bring another How Do Dinosaurs… book. In this newest edition, dinosaurs are shown throwing temper tantrums every time things don’t go their way. Do they roar and slam the door? Do they throw their toys about? Do they kick the chair or rip up books? Do they bang their bat against the floor?  No… Dinosaurs count to ten, breathe calmly, pick up their messes, and say ‘I’m sorry’.


Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs written and illustrated by Mo Willems (2012)

In this Goldilocks story version, Goldilocks is lured into the home of the three dinosaurs with three delicious bowls of chocolate pudding. The three dinosaurs left their house to hide Someplace Else while they waited for an unsuspecting child to visit. Goldilocks walked right into their trap. She foolishly ate all three bowls of chocolate pudding, even though one was too hot and one was too cold. After stuffing herself like those ‘chocolate-filled-little-girl-bonbons (which, by the way, are totally not the favorite things in the whole world for hungry Dinosaurs)’ Goldilocks bypassed the super tall Dinosaur sized chairs and gigantic beds. Then she heard voices which sounded suspiciously like dinosaur voices so she ran out the back door just as the three dinosaurs came in the front door, leaving the dinosaurs disappointed at not getting to eat her!

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