October 2 – World Farm Animals Day

Happy Farm Animals Day!

Young children love farms, farm animals, and farm products. There are so many farm books to choose from, that I will only review a few of the most recent picture books here. Explore a farm with your little ones in person or through a great book!


Pig Has a Plan written and illustrated by Ethan Long (2012)

Pig wants to nap. But he can’t sleep with all the noise going on around him. All the other animals are tapping, sawing, gabbing, humming, and mixing. Then Pig has an idea. He slips under the mud and uses a straw to breath through while he naps. But the other animals have a surprise… it’s Pig’s Birthday Party!


Simms Taback’s Farm Animals written and illustrated by Simms Taback (2011)

The farm animals are revealed one page turn and flap at a time until each animal is exposed. After the initial ‘Who am I?’ two clues are given before the full picture is exposed. Preschoolers will love guessing each farm animal piece by piece.


Farm written and illustrated by James Brown (2011)

This is a beautiful art book for babies and toddlers. Each page spread depicts one animal like the cow on the cover with a design of the farm animal on the left side and a full page picture and label on the right side. The details of the art are raised for little fingers to touch. Each page is black and white with only one other color, so in addition to labeling the farm animal, children can name the color on each page too.


The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo written and illustrated by Jonathan Allen (2008)

Little Rabbit doesn’t have a big noise, so he has fun making the big noises of the other farm animals. Little Rabbit likes to say ‘moo’. He and cow like to say ‘baa’. He and sheep and cow like to say ‘oink’. He and pig and sheep and cow like to say ‘hee haw’. And so forth, until all the animals are making big noises.


I am Cow, Hear me Moo! written by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Gus Gordon (2014)

Read about Nadine and her adventure in the dark woods HERE.

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