October 20 – Lung Health Day

Happy Lung Health Day!

Take a moment to breathe. Now, pick up a picture book and share with a loved one.


Breathe written and illustrated by Scott Magoon (2014)

A love story with life advice given from mother whale to baby whale beginning and ending with the word ‘breathe’. Mother whale tells her baby to breathe, swim, play, dream, make friends, dive, explore, and most of all love and be loved.


Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey (2004)

Hally is a big dog with a big problem… bad breath! Mr. and Mrs. Tosis decide that the only solution is to give Hally away. The kids have only three days to cure Hally of her bad breath. First they take her to the top of the highest hill for a breathtaking view, hoping it would take her breath away. It didn’t. Then they took her to a movie which promised to take your breath away. It didn’t work. Finally they took her to on a roller coaster ride guaranteed to take your breath away. That didn’t work either. On the night before they had to give Hally away, she did something very special. She protected the family from a pair of burglars who were overcome by her bad breath. So the family decided to keep Hally and plug their noses instead.


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