October 23 – National Mole Day

Happy Mole Day!


Mole Had Everything written and illustrated by Jamison Odone (2012)

Mole had everything he needed, one bed, one pillow, one shelf for books, and one cup of tea. And he was happy. He spent his days looking in caves, scaring birds, and skipping stones. Then one day, Mole invited his friend Emerson for tea, but he only had one teacup. Emerson showed Mole his house and Mole started to think that maybe he didn’t have everything he needed so he went on a journey to find everything. He came home and filled his house with everything. But now he had to spend all his time, cleaning everything, moving everything around, and dusting everything. Mole didn’t have time to skip stones, scare birds, or look in caves. So Mole gave almost everything away. Now Mole has everything he needs, one bed, one pillow, one shelf for books, and two teacups!


 Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed written and illustrated by Mo Willems (2009)

Wilbur is the only naked mole rat who likes to get dressed. Clothes help him feel fancy, funny, or cool. He opened a clothing store, but got run out of town so to speak. He was taken to the portrait of Grand-pah, the oldest, greatest, and most naked of them all. Wilbur only noticed that he would look nice in a casual shirt and pair of slacks. The other mole rats marched right over to Grand-pah to discuss Wilbur’s odd behavior. Grand-pah thought about it for a very long time and then called everyone together for a proclamation. Wilbur was so nervous, he wasn’t sure what to wear and finally settled on a nice pair of blue socks. When all the mole rats arrived, Grand-pah was fully dressed in a shirt, tie, jacket, slacks, shoes, hat, and even a cane! Mole ran home to get dressed and came back to find many of his friends were dressed also. From that day on, mole rats are either naked or clothed, but all have a good time… no exceptions.


Mole and the Baby Bird written by Marjorie Newman and illustrated by Patrick Benson (2002)

One day Mole finds a baby bird who has fallen out of its nest. Mole takes it home and feeds it and takes care of it. Mole’s mother and father try to convince Mole that the baby bird is wild and not a pet, but Mole loves his baby bird and doesn’t want to lose it. Mole builds a cage and keeps the baby bird in his room, even though the baby bird looks sad. Then Mole’s Grandad takes him for a walk to the top of a high hill where he can feel the wind and see the birds flying. Mole wishes he could fly too. So Mole goes home and releases the baby bird. Now Mole visits the baby bird outside where wild birds live.


Mole Music written and illustrated by David McPhail (1999)

One night Mole heard a man playing beautiful music on television. Mole wanted to make beautiful music too, so the very next day he sent away for a violin. Mole practiced playing his violin every evening after he was finished digging tunnels. Above Mole’s home, a small tree was beginning to grow. As Mole’s music got better and better, the tree grew bigger and bigger. Mole’s music came up from the ground and lingered in the tree. People from all around came to hear the music. Mole never knew that others heard his music. He hoped that one day he would be able to play for presidents and queens, he did. He imagined that his music would change the world, it did.

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