October 24 – National Bologna Day

Happy Baloney Day!

Tony Baloney is a new penguin friend in the world of children’s literature. His first book was published three years ago, and since then there have been three more Tony Baloney books published. Tony is a middle child, between his big bossy sister and his twin bothersome babies. And although Tony doesn’t like trouble, trouble always seem to find him.


Tony Baloney written by Pam Munoz Ryan and illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham (2011)

Check out some new Tony Baloney books for Bologna Day!


Tony Baloney School Rules  (2012)

Tony meets a new friend, learns to follow the rules, and becomes the Friendship Ambassador on his first day of school.

TONY B BUDDY TROUBLE HCovfinal_1-1.pdf

Tony Baloney Buddy Trouble (2014)

Tony looks forward to a special night at school where he can bring his favorite stuffed animal, Dandelion. But when he and his big bossy sister have an argument and make a mess, Momma and Poppa say they must stay home and miss the event. Eventually, Tony and his sister make up and work together. Now they can go to the Books and Buddies reading event at school.


Tony Baloney Pen Pal (2014)

Not out yet, but coming this year!

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