October 3 – World Smile Day

Happy Smile Day!

I love that when I type in one single word, SMILE, onto my library’s search page I get 1819 suggestions! Clap Along!


You Make Me Smile written and illustrated by Layn Marlow (2013)

This books makes me smile all over! A snowman tells the story of a child enjoying a special day, the first snow day of the year. The snowman anticipates the day before the snow starts to fall and while the child is getting bundled up. Finally the child builds the snowman, gives him a warm scarf and makes him smile with a small curved twig. And although spring is around the corner, the snowman promises that he will be back when the seasons pass and winter returns.


Happy Belly, Happy Smile written and illustrated by Rachel Isadora (2009)

Louie spends every Friday with his grandfather. Grandfather owns a Chinese restaurant, and Louie knows everyone who works there. One Friday, Louie sees his friend, Franklin, at the restaurant.  At the end of the meal, Grandfather opens his fortune cookie. It says ‘Happy food, happy belly, happy smile.’ Louie and Franklin put an orange slice in their mouths and give each other a huge smile.


I Love It When You Smile written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Charles Fuge (2006)

Little Roo was feeling grumpy. Nothing his mother did helped him feel better. She tried tossing him up in the air and tossing leaves over his head, but still he didn’t smile. Finally, his mother put him in her pouch to go home for lunch. But partway down the hill, Little Roo’s mother slipped in a mud puddle and got them both muddy from head to toe. When Little Roo saw his mother’s muddy face he couldn’t help but… smile!


Where’s Your Smile, Crocodile? written by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Sean Julian (2001)

Kyle the Crocodile woke up feeling grumpy. His mother sends him out to play hoping he’ll find his smile. Parrot tried to cheer him up with his silly noises. Orange Monkey tried to cheer him up with her silly faces. Elephant tried to cheer him up her noisy bubbles. But nothing worked. Then Kyle the Crocodile round Little Lion Cub sitting by himself. Little Lion Cub had lost his way home. So Kyle and Little Lion Cub go off together to find what they had lost. To cheer up the Little Lion Cub, Kyle made Parrot’s silly noises, Orange Monkey’s silly faces, and Elephant’s noisy bubbles. Little Lion Cub soon felt better. When they reached the deep purple cave, Little Lion Cub was even happier because they had found his home. And Kyle the Crocodile felt better because he had found his smile.


Smile! written and photographed by Roberta Grobel Intrater (1997)

This collection of adorable babies will make you smile too! Simple, rhyming lines and photographs of real smiling babies create a special boardbook for babies and toddlers and their parents.

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