October 30 – National Candy Corn Day

Happy Candy Corn Day!

The day before Halloween is Candy Corn Day. If you haven’t stocked up yet for the trick-or-treaters, you’d better hurry.


Julius’s Candy Corn written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes (2003)

Julius’s mother had made cupcakes for the Halloween party. Each cupcake had one candy corn standing up in the center of the frosting. Julius’s mother said he couldn’t eat a cupcake until the party. So he decided to count the candy corn instead. One, he counted and popped it in his mouth. Another one, he said and popped it in his mouth. When he had finished counting none of the cupcakes had candy corn on them. Just then the doorbell rang and his friends arrived for the party. “Time for Cupcakes!” Julius said.

If you’re in the mood for other types of candy, check out this counting book.


Candy 1 to 20 written by Laurie Wold and Pam Abrams and photographed by Bruce Wolf (2011)

This wordless counting picture book is so sweet looking you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Imagine counting each piece of candy it takes to create each number with a little one still learning to count and point to each object as he/she counts. Sweet temptations and delicious learning potential. Some of my favorites are five sour gummy worms, eight sticks of bubble gum, twelve chocolate kisses, and twenty pieces of candy corn! Yum! Yum!

And while you’re out, check out this lovely picture book.


Yuvi’s Candy Tree written by Lesley Simpson and illustrated by Janice Lee Porter (2010)

Yuvi’s family fled from Ethiopia to Israel. Yuvi was only five years old. Her grandmother told her they were going to Jerusalem. She said they angles were with them. And she said they would fly home. Along the way, Yuvi and the other children slept under trees and played in the mud and stones. She felt wind and sand in her face and dreamed of candy like the sweet candy her father had brought her from the market. She dreamed of candy trees. Grandmother told her that in her real home, all her wishes would come true. They were robbed several times, but finally made it to a refuge camp where Yuvi saw white people for the first time. they were fed milk and bread. Their bleeding feet were bandaged and they were given spoonfuls of medicine. Yuvi thought she was in heaven and the white women who helped them must be the angles her grandmother told her about. Then they boarded a plane and flew to Jerusalem where Yuvi tasted sweet juicy oranges that grew in the trees. Yuvi knew she had found her candy trees.

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