October 9 – Curious Events Day

Happy Curious Events Day!

It all started almost 75 years ago with a little monkey…


Curious George written and illustrated by H.A. Rey and Margaret Rey (1941)

and continues today with an empire of over 150 books!

More curious titles:


What If? written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2010)

The text asks, ‘what if…?’ and the beautiful illustrations answer the question and tell the story. What if two seals find a beach ball but don’t allow another seal to play with them? What if two seals find a beach ball and play with the third seal? Young readers can delight in the play of the seals and talk about how making choices affects the outcome of the day.


What If…? written and illustrated by Anthony Browne (2013)

Joe is worried about going to a party at Tom’s house. As they walk, Joe asks his mother all kinds of ‘what if…’ questions. What if I don’t like the food? What if there’s a lot of people I don’t know? What if I don’t have fun? As they pass each house on the way to Tom’s party, Joe looks into other houses and imagines all sorts of wild things. But when he gets to Tom’s house, his friends are there waiting for him and he has a great time!


Jim Curious, A Voyage to the Heart of the Sea illustrated by Matthias Picard (2014)

Take a wordless journey to the bottom of the sea, but don’t forget your 3D glasses. This picture book, which includes a set of 3D glasses, takes the viewer into an underwater world of sea animals, plants, pirate ships, treasures, and a lost city. Dive into the adventure, if you’re curious too!

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