September, 2014


I can’t believe September is already upon us! The pools are closing and the kiddos are back in school. With some still-warm days and crisp evenings in the future, I have an unorganized mess of summer/fall clothing and shoes cramming my closet. I’m never sure which pieces to keep out and which ones to replace with heavier fabrics. The result is usually chaotic until around the end of the month when I finally let go of my summer gear and really fall into autumn whole-heartedly. Until then, I will rely on the magic of layering.

Luckily, I don’t have the same problems with my reading lists! My shelves are always filled with an eclectic array of old favorites and new friends. There is no ‘season’ to reading. And although we tend to save apple books for fall and snowy scenes for winter, no one balks at the occasional beach story in January or a cool penguin tale in August. Maybe that’s because of the two hemispheres, maybe it’s because we crave what we do not have. Regardless, I’m happy not to have to worry about it.

So, it’s September… grab a sweater and your sunglasses, flip off your sandals and wiggle your toes, keep a cold drink handy and stretch out in your lawn chair, there are always great books to see you through any weather!

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