September 13 – Fortune Cookie Day

Happy Fortune Cookie Day!

Today is Fortune Cookie Day! Look for positive messages in fortune cookies.  I love fortune cookies. And, no, not just because it involves a cookie, although that does help!


Fortune Cookie Fortunes written and illustrated by Grace Lin (2004)

A young girl watches to see how all of her family’s fortune came true. Ba-ba’s mood was contagious when he said he was tired and she felt sleepy too. Ma-Ma’s attention and care made great things happen when she took care of her garden and it grew so well. Jie-Jie’s imagination created many friends when she made origami animals to play with in her room. Mei-Mei’s smallest action attracted many when she fed the many birds in the yard. However, she wasn’t sure about her fortune… ‘You will see the world in a different way.’ But she does! She sees everything around her as a message in a fortune cookie!


Fortune Cookies written by Albert Bitterman and illustrated by Chris Raschka (2011)

The child in this story receives a box with seven fortune cookies, one for each day of the week. Each page has a fortune cookie with a pull-out tab to read. And each fortune is correct. On Sunday, the fortune said ‘Today you will lose something you don’t need.’ And her tooth fell out! On Monday, her fortune was ‘Money is like the wind.’ Then she found a dollar under her pillow and bought a kite! Each day her fortune comes true in a different way, ending with Saturday when it said ‘Seven is your lucky number.’ And her cat had seven kittens, which she named Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Now all her cookies are gone, but all her fortunes are here to stay!

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