September 18 – Water Monitoring Day

Happy Water Monitoring Day!

 Even the youngest readers can appreciate water conservation. Start a conversation with one of these lovely picture books.


Water! Water! Water! written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (2014)

Walter the Warthog loved water. He thought about it, wrote about it, and drew pictures of it. Then one day while watching the rain run down his window pane, Walter noticed that some drops were bigger than others. He decided to do an experiment to find out why some drops were bigger than others. Later he did an experiment to find out more about puddle sizes. These and many more of Walter’s experiments are in this fun and easy to read picture book.


I Am Water written by Jean Marzollo and illustrated by Judith Moffatt (1996)

This is an introductory book about water for the youngest readers. Water is… home for the fish, rain for the earth, drink for the people, and so much more. Big bright pictures and easy text make this a excellent choice for preschoolers to learn more about water uses and forms.


Water Dance written and illustrated by Thomas Locker (2002)

The paintings in this book are breathtaking! Each one is accompanied by short and poetic text about water in the first person. From the beginning to the end, Thomas Locker depicts water as the rain, the mountain stream, the waterfall, the lake, the river, the sea, the mist, the clouds, the storm front, the thunderhead, the storm, and the rainbow.


Water Can Be… written by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Violeta Dabija (2014)

Beautifully written and illustrated poem about Water. Read the whole review HERE..

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