September 29 – World Heart Day

Happy World Heart Day!

Take care of your heart and your heart will take care of you. My heart loves children’s literature, I’m taking care of my heart today by reading lots and lots of picture books. Here are some recommendations from the heart.


Gifts of the Heart written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco (2013)

This story is categorized as a holiday book, but really it is so much more. It’s another chapter out of the life of Patricia Polacco’s childhood. Soon after her Gramma dies, Grandpa decides he needs to sell the farm. And while their mother is at work, the family needs to hire a housekeeper to take care of the house and the children. Enter, Kal Lamity, an old woman from Mississippi who teaches the children about gifts from the heart. They find a special star in the sky, Santa’s sleigh bells, and tracks in the snow. But most of all, they learn how to make Momma and Grampa happy on Christmas morning with their own gifts from the heart. It’s only later, after the farm is sold and Kal Lamity has gone, that they learn that the Agency never did send anyone to the house thinking that the family decided against getting extra help when they didn’t go to the office to fill out the paperwork. Was Kal Lamity sent to them by their Gramma to look over them? Was she Gramma’s gift of the heart?


The Shape of My Heart written by Mark Sperring and illustrated by Alys Paterson (2012)

This is a lovely new look at shapes…shapes of ourselves, our bodies, our eyes, our ears, our hands, and our feet. The things we see, hear, and touch all have shapes too. The rhyming text for young readers ends with, “And this is the shape I love you with. This is the shape of my heart.”


My Heart is Like a Zoo written and illustrated by Michael Hall (2010)

Read more about this ‘heartfelt’ picture book HERE.

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