September 30 – National Chewing Gum Day

Happy Chewing Gum Day!


Trouble Gum written and illustrated by Matthew Cordell (2009)

Ruben is bored. Julius is too little to play with and Mom is busy knitting a sweater. Grammy is visiting for tea. Grammy has bubble gum. Bubble gum tends to cause trouble, but Mom agrees to let Ruben have a piece. What she didn’t know is that Julius would find a piece of gum too!


Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist written by Ruth Spiro and illustrated by Thor Wickstrom (2008)

Lester Fizz comes from a long line of artists. He, however, was not one of them. That is, until he discovered a hidden talent for blowing amazing bubbles. Lester’s family and friends are amazed by his bubble creations… then he loses a tooth! Lester’s bubbles all fizzle out. Just before the judges come to his table, Lester has an idea. He uses a piece of bubble gum in place of his tooth and creates ‘the most spectacular bubble ever’ and won the blue ribbon.

16978My Gum is Gone written by Richard P. Yurcheshen and illustrated by Kate Flanagan (2000)

Just before bed, the little boy discovers that his gum is missing. He retraces his steps until he finds it next to his toothbrush where he was saving it until tomorrow. Simple story line with simple rhymes to please little readers.

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