September 6 – National Read a Book Day

Happy Read a Book Day!


It’s a Book written and illustrated by Lane Smith (2010)

Monkey tries to explain what a book is to Jackass. Jackass just doesn’t get it. He treats it like a computer, but it doesn’t scroll down, you can’t blog with it, it doesn’t need a mouse (although Monkey does have a friend Mouse who lives under his hat), and it doesn’t text, tweet, or need wi-fi. It doesn’t need a password, screen name, or need to be recharged.  Watch the trailer below… at the very least you’ll have a laugh!


Book! written by Kristine O’Connell George and illustrated by Maggie Smith (2011)

This preschooler gets a book as a gift. He loves this book so much because he can open and close it himself, he can turn the pages, and show it to the cat. He can take it for a ride in his wagon and look at it in his secret hiding place. He can sit with someone and hear the story before his nap. He can give it a hug, and sleep with it under his covers.

130229Book written by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by Peter Catalanotto (1999)

This explanation of a book is written in free verse capturing the essence of a book. Through words and art, the reader sees a book in a different way.  ‘A BOOK is a HOUSE that is all windows and doors.’ … ‘A BOOK is a CHEST that keeps the heart’s treasure.’ … ‘A BOOK is a FARM, its fields sown with words.’ As the little girl travels through the pages, her thoughts are transformed by the book she holds in her hands. “May it hold you. May it set you free.”

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