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Bagel in Love

10 Feb




Bagel in Love

written by Natasha Wing

illustrated by Helen Dardik

published by Sterling Publishing, 2018

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sweet tale of rejection, acceptance, and finally love. Bagel gets the brush-off from all the bakery pastries. He gets treated like day old bread by everyone from Doughnut to Pretzel and everyone in between. He feels totally crummy. His dreams of tap-dancing like Fred Eclair are dashed, until he meets a tempting little tap-dancing cupcake. They make a tasty pair winning the dance contest and each other’s hearts.

Oh, did I mention puns? You figured that out, huh? Between the  flat out rejection from the Matzo to the icing on the cake, you’ll be happy you found this scrumptious treat.

And hungry? Don’t get me started… had to search Pinterest for some yummy valentine pastries. Which is your favorite? Send me your recipes!


Sure, and if this isn’t enough… there’s glitter! The cover art and final page is fancy, sparkly, shimmery heaven for glitter junkies!

Penguin Cha-Cha

30 Nov


Penguin Cha-Cha written and illustrated by Kristi Valiant (2013)

Julia loved sit high in a tree and watch the Saturday shows at the zoo. One day, when a dancer lost her boa, Julia noticed a sneaky flipper snatch it away. She followed the penguins back to their cove, but she found no sign of the hats, fans, or bows. So she decided to disguise herself as a penguin and see if she couldn’t get to the bottom of this mystery. But she was disappointed when the penguins all stared at her  like frozen penguin popsicles. She even tried to elist the help of a dancing hippo, but the penguins didn’t budge. Giving it one last shot, Julia dressed up and taught the penguins how to dance the cha-cha. Suddenly she heard the sound of penguins dancing… ‘Tap, flap, cha-cha-cha. Tap, flap, cha-cha-cha.’ They danced all day long.

Kristi Valiant has brought to life the behind-the-scenes antics of dancing penguins. Her words and pictures tell us the story of those sneaky birds and their dancing secret. And if you watch carefully, you might see the tricky monkeys swipe the magician’s hat for their own.

I adore the whole idea of graceful dancing penguins. They seem so clumsy on land when we see them normally. I wonder what they are hiding and why. Share this book with your little budding dancers, and I bet you’ll find that penguins aren’t the only ones hiding their talent behind a frozen facade.

Lazy Bones

20 Oct

Happy Fall Everyone!

I’m in a festive fall mood and so I’m going to share with you a rhyming story I wrote called,  Lazy Bones.  I wrote it last week.  After a trip this weekend to the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I decided to add some photos to my story.   Where I didn’t have a photo, I added images from google.

Just for fun, I added two videos from youtube.  The first is a cute skeleton cartoon dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  The second is an easy craft for Q-tip skeletons.

I hope you enjoy the story.  Please share it with your little ones and leave me a comment.



by Juliana Lee


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the pumpkin patch.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Three orange faces giving off light.

Lazy Bones slumbers, sleeps through the night.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go the apple farm.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Handpicked bushel, caramel apples crunch.

Lazy Bones dozes, naps until lunch.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the mountain trail.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Leaves, red, orange, purple, yellow, brown.

Lazy Bones blinks, eyelids falling down.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the park hayride.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Long bumpy trail, bouncing on the bales.

Lazy Bones drifts on his dreamboat sail.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the dried corn maze.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Right turn, left turn, all turned around.

Lazy Bones snores, doesn’t hear a sound.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the haunted house.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Screech, screech, howl, howl.  Shiver, shiver, shake.

Lazy Bones snoozes, just won’t wake.


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the graveyard dance.”

“Let’s go sleepyhead!”

Rattle-clatter, conga.  Hip, bump-bump.


Salsa-samba, swing.  Jazz-jive-jump.

Funny Bones, Crazy Bones


Riff-rhumba, rump.

Silly Bones, Skin n’ Bones


Shimmy-swing, stump.

Haunted Bones, Spooky Bones


Wiggle-waltz, wump.

Groovy Bones, Funky Bones


Dip-disco, dump


Lazy Bones got out of bed.

Music rocking in his head.

Rhythm, beat, lyrics, tones

Boogie, Mojo, Footloose Bones!

Hope you liked the story.   (Don’t forget to leave me a comment.)

Here are the youtube videos promised!

Cartoon skeletons dancing to Thriller:

Q-tip skeleton craft:

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