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Book Love Blog Hop

31 Jan


I’m participating in a blog hop to promote the books I love.

This isn’t a big stretch for me, is it? I’m always recommending great children’s literature on this site.


Last year I challenged myself to find picture books to celebrate every day of the year. (Of course, I didn’t think of this until March so I’m still catching up a few last days of February to complete the year; but it’s almost done!) I’ll bet you knew that February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day, but did you know that May 13th is National Jumping Frog Day? Have you ever celebrated Rubber Duckie Day or World Smile Day or National Violin Day?  You can find my picture book recommendations for those and 360 other days under the heading CELEBRATE EVERY DAY WITH A PICTURE BOOK

So, to complete this blog hop challenge, I will/have:

1. Pick some books you love (any genre) that you think deserve more attention than they are getting. Here are pics of some of the 2015 books I have liked so far. You can find them on my page, at the BOOKS ALIVE! tab.

2. Post reviews for the books you chose on Amazon/social media. I also post on goodreads. You can follow me there as well. I would love to connect with you and find out what you’re reading also. Take a peek at my 2014 Bookshelf on goodreads.

3. Post the reviews on your own blog.

unnamedThis year, I’m focused on reviewing newly published picture books for 2015. This endeavor includes a review of wonderful new picture books and links or ideas to help parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, caregivers etc. with simple and fun ideas to do with children to extend their enjoyment of the books. I call it BOOKS ALIVE! And I hope you will join me there to see the new and exciting publications.

4. Display the BOOK LOVE badge.

So you love the badge? Cute little bunny in heart-shaped glasses reading a book. Oh yeah! Grab it for yourself. And take a minute to visit the creator of the badge, Dana Carey Up in the Attic Lately and on the Sub It Club.

5. Tag some friends.

I’m tagging all the members of the new writing Facebook page, Mothers Writing Picture Books. Moms, Grandmoms, Mommies-to-be, and Favorite Aunties, heck pretty much anyone who loves a kid in their lives knows what it’s like to find just the right picture book for their little ones. So if you know of an uncelebrated picture book all you MWPBs, jump right in and share the love.  Even if you’re not a member of Mothers Writing Picture Books, you can hop right in and join the fun. Just follow the five easy rules and VOILA! you’re it!

Thanks to Carrie for her brainchild blog hop. If you would like to learn more about it and possible join in, visit Carrie Finison at her Story Patch site at BOOK LOVE – A BLOG HOP

First Snow

12 Nov

We had our first snow dusting today.  It didn’t warrant school closures or delays, but I understand there were still traffic tie-ups this morning.  It was only enough to frost the leaves on the ground and layer the rooftops.  The roses that were still hanging on received a fluffy coating too.  By mid-morning the sun had stolen away most of what had fallen during the night.  Only the areas still shaded retained their wintery look.

Regardless of the amount, the dogs were ecstatic!  They bounded, rolled, and shook in the magical stuff.  They were so exhausted from the constant in and out to enjoy the newfound wonder and their obsession with collecting firewood, they immediately dropped off in a highly irregular noonday nap.


This quiet afforded me the time I needed to work on a short story today.   It’s something different for me, but I’m going to give it a whirl. It’s actually something I started this summer as a children’s story, but I can’t seem to fit it into the confines of a picture book.  For one thing, my protagonist is older than the picture book audience.  So I’m revising it into … I don’t know yet, but something else!

My second project of the day… baking.  There’s something about snow that brings out the baker in me.  Looking around the house, I realized I need to shop for my winter baking needs.  Luckily, I had a few browning bananas and the essentials for bread.  Substituting orange zest for lemon zest didn’t seem to be too outrageous, so with my firewood collectors underfoot I whipped up a warm nutty loaf.


So, please enjoy a piece with me and tell me your First Snow story!

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