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Number One Sam

22 May

18453190-2Number One Sam written and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli (2014)

Yesterday I got the chance to spend the day with my #1 toddler. We went to Story Hour at our public library and got the chance to hear the children’s librarian read Number One Sam. The little ones loved it, the toddlers as much as the preschoolers, so did the adults! Greg Pizzoli has done it again with a clear and simple story that everyone can enjoy.

Sam is number one at everything. He just knows he going to win the big race, until he loses a race to his friend Maggie. Oh, no! Everyone is cheering except Sam. Sam cannot even look at Maggie on the day of the big race. He was so distracted he missed the starting flag and everyone sped off leaving him in a cloud of dust. Maggie was first in line. Then Sam caught up and passed everyone, including Maggie. He would be number one again…until something terrible happened. Sam saw a brood of chicks crossing the track! He slammed on his brakes and rescued the chicks while the other racers sped past him. Sam finished last. As he approached the finish line he heard everyone cheering… for him! ‘And even though he lost another race…his friends still thought he was number one.’

How could you not love this story? It teaches so many valuable lessons about friendship, winning, and doing the right thing. Greg Pizzoli is a genius at choosing just the right words to tell a story. He doesn’t talk down to kids or adults and uses vocabulary that is rich in meaning. And the illustrations are simple and vintage in the way that makes me think of cartoons I watched in the 60’s and 70’s. Sam reminds me of a cross between Underdog and Speed Racer, but then again that may just be me! So with the Indy 500 just around the corner… I’ll be rooting for Sam!

PS. If you remember Greg Pizzoli’s Watermelon Seed, you’ll recognize the alligator in the race.



The Watermelon Seed

6 May

16650268The Watermelon Seed written and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli (2013)

Winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, The Watermelon Seed is bound to be an instant classic. There’s nothing more this crocodile loves more than watermelon. He eats it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Then one day he accidentally swallows a seed. Yikes! He imagines what might happen if the seed starts to grow inside his stomach. Just when he thinks he might end up in someone’s fruit salad, he expels the seed with a very long and loud BUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPP!!!! He vows to give up watermelon forever… well, maybe after just one more teeny tiny bite. CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!  Uh-oh….

Greg Pizzoli has written a simple and funny story that will leave kids and adults alike craving watermelon, but not the seeds! I especially love the picture spread where the crocodile imagines he will turn into a watermelon, his green stomach will stretch and be all pink and juicy inside!

This is Greg Pizzoli’s first picture book. It’s a great summertime – anytime read!

Look for his next book too. Number One Sam


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