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Swim! Swim!

3 Jun

0-545-09419-4Swim! Swim! written and illustrated by Lerch aka James Proimos (2010)

Lerch is a lonely goldfish living in a tank. He tries unsuccessfully to make friends. The pebbles don’t talk to him and the underwater diver has nothing to say either. Lerch cries but is reassured that we can’t see tears underwater. Then he hears bubbles. He swims to the bubbles to make friends by talking in their language. But the bubbles pop as they reach the surface of the water and Lerch is afraid that he has killed them. Just when he is resigned that no one loves him, Lerch meets someone who seems to like him… a cat! He introduces himself, but the cat mistakes his name for Lunch. When Lerch realizes what might befall him next, he is surprised to meet Dinner… Dinah! Now Lerch has a friend. Lerch and Dinah swim together and hold fins in Dinah’s tank.

Lerch, also known as James Proimos, tells us his story through speech bubbles. It feels as if he is really talking to the reader. In turn, the reader feels his loneliness and sadness at not being loved. The twist of the cat who loves the fish Lunch and Dinner, is funny and touching. Once the reader realizes that Lerch will not become the cat’s lunch, he/she can breath a sigh of relief and share in Lerch’s happiness at finding a friend.

James Proimos does an excellent job of illustrating the small world of Lerch and Dinah. Every page takes place in (or just above) the fish tanks. There is no question that Lerch’s world is limited to his four walls, yet he still finds love and happiness.

Awwww! I love this little story. I love the play on words and the juxtaposition of cat and fish. It’s a concept even the youngest readers will appreciate. I can see this becoming a ‘read it again’ story in many homes and schools.

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