A Pig, A Fox, and A Box



Title: A Pig, A Fox, and A Box

Author and Illustrator: Jonathan Fenske

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers

Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-448-48511-9

Summary: Fox tries to play a trick on Pig. First with the box, he calls for Pig. When Pig cannot find him, he sit on the box and flattens Fox. Next with a wig buried under some rocks. When Pig sees the wig he thinks Fox is trapped under the rocks and so he throws the rocks away. The land on the box where Fox is hiding. Pig realizes it is only a wig and doesn’t help the flattened Fox who is trapped in a box under the rocks, because he thinks Fox is trying to trick him again. Finally Fox gives up.

Literary Merit: Rhyming text. Funny story and characters.

Kid Appeal: Easy to predict what will happen, make kids feel like they are in on the joke.

12038110_10153635499864847_2796384396204241257_nDisclaimer: This book was nominated for the 2015 CYBILS Award in the Easy Reader category. This review is shared as part of the Round One Judging. It is solely my own opinion and not influenced by any other parties.




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