National Geographic Kids: Rosa Parks


6302141Title: National Geographic Kids: Rosa Parks

Author: Kitson Jazynka

Photo Credits: Library of Congress

Publisher: National Geographic Society

Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-1-4263-2142-9

Summary: Non-fiction story about Rosa Parks. Chronicles her life from birth to death, highlighting her arrest and the part she played in the Civil Rights Movement.

Literary Merit: The text is written in simple sentences accompanied by photos and diagrams to support the text.

Kid Appeal: Learning about real people and historically significant events is very appealing to many children. Learning about people of color, diversity in our culture, and the impact this has on our lives is not only important, it’s necessary.

Note:  I did find one questionable diagram in the book I was reading, which makes me wonder if that is why there are two different book covers. Was the incorrect edition taken off the market and replaced with a newer cover?

12038110_10153635499864847_2796384396204241257_nDisclaimer: This book was nominated for the 2015 CYBILS Award in the Easy Reader category. This review is shared as part of the Round One Judging. It is solely my own opinion and not influenced by any other parties.

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