Waiting Is Not Easy!



Title: Waiting Is Not Easy!

Author & Illustrator: Mo Willems

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children

Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4231-9957-1

Summary: Piggy tells Gerald that he has a surprise for him. But Gerald just can’t wait. He gets more and more agitated as he waits. They have waited all day. Just when he is ready to give up, Piggy points to the night sky and shows Gerald his surprise. It’s beautiful. Now Gerald want to show Piggy the sunrise the next morning. Piggy can not wait.

Literary Merit: The newest addition to the Piggy and Elephant series follows the same pattern as the previous stories… short sentences, simple text, and common childhood experiences.

Kid Appeal: Kids who love the series will delight in another Piggy and Elephant book. Funny pictures engage emergent readers and simple sentences help them read it independently.


Disclaimer: This book was nominated for the 2015 CYBILS Award in the Easy Reader category. This review is shared as part of the Round One Judging. It is solely my own opinion and not influenced by any other parties.

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